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[fic] lights; sasusaku

summary: "you’re annoying, too."
disclaimer: i don’t own naruto.
prompt: #28 - when the power fails
rating: t

As a single lightning strike illuminated the night, the lights in Sakura’s apartment flickered, dying with the sound of thunder that followed. Darkness swept through the rooms, and she lifted her eyes from the soapy dishes in the kitchen sink, searching for either of her teammates.

The snores emanating from her living room told her Naruto was long asleep, limbs sprawled wildly across her sofa, so Sakura shook water droplets from her hands and called for her other teammate instead. “Sasuke-kun,” she said, voice carrying easily in the quiet, “can you get my flashlight? It’s in the—”

"Right here." She turned around then, only to be blinded by a beam of white, and after rubbing her damp hands at her eyes, she glimpsed Sasuke and a faint smirk on his lips.

She stuck out her tongue but murmured ‘thanks’ and he walked over to her, flicking his wrist so that the light spiraled everywhere, blinding her again and again. She grimaced. “Sasuke-kun…point it over the sink,” she told him, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand again. “I can’t see.”



Anton BundenkoJust Like Honey Series, 2013

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So I just finished my summer school accounting class with a 97% WOOT! (I know I’m pretty lame T^T) and thought I’d do a promo~ XD


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