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セーラー少女 2 [9]

EXO - Overdose; simple typography


just trying to write the next prompt for sasusaku month i think i like it so far

Remember last year’s Day 21 prompt?
I do
I remember

oh my god 
i remember too i whispers
i rememember too

[fic] comfort zone; sasusaku

summary: a young sakura takes a leap out of her comfort zone.
disclaimer: i don’t own naruto.
prompt: #21 - rewind the time
rating: k 

Sasuke pretended not to notice plenty of things.

He pretended not to notice the sympathetic eyes and murmurs that followed him on his daily walk to the Academy, ignoring the hushed whispers he heard; he pretended not to notice the other kids at school who talked about him behind his back, discussing rumors they’d caught hold of or been told by their older siblings. He pretended not to notice the students who were brave enough to offer condolences because really, they didn’t know a thing about his situation in the first place.

The list went on and on—but truth be told, there were some things Sasuke simply could not ignore. The girlish voices wafting from the large bush behind him happened to be one of them; their muffled conversations had him scowling into his rice-ball, but when he snuck a glance over his shoulder, the voices abruptly fell silent and the plant shuddered.

His brow crinkled in annoyance at the pink and blonde he had glimpsed, and he took another bite of rice-ball, chewing heartily in hopes of drowning out their new whispers, although it didn’t work, to his dismay. (They were terrible whisperers.)