info & music
あ. hi there, i'm noreen, and it's nice to meet you!

い. perpetually stuck on a permanent semi-hiatus. queue > on!

う. 鹿晗 is my deer, and she is the most perfect.

あ. added a "for you" page! [april 20]

い. joined clairenet! [may 17]

う. summer vacation is finally here! [may 23]

え. changed theme! [may 24]
あ. completed harmonious. [feb 14]

い. updated evergreen. [may 4]

う. updated poco a poco. [may 17]

え. will be daily posting ssmonth prompt-based fics on here and ffn. [july 1 >>]

network page here~

— maybe it's just a trick of the light; |